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Caring to be Different

At KUJALI, we are much more than another tech accessory company. In fact, we are a movement for people like you who care about how their purchase can do good in the world. Caring is in our DNA and it's in yours too! We are all created to care, instinctively woven into the human spirit is a desire to help each other.

Established in December 2013, KUJALI has been helping its customers get their hands on amazing tech accessories and making a real difference to children in Africa. With every protective iPad Mini cover purchased, we give a mosquito net to protect a child from malaria.

In Africa, a child dies from malaria every minute of every day. You can be part of a movement that helps to end this in our lifetime. Together with your support, KUJALI is helping children wake up to a brighter tomorrow. We'd be honoured for you to join our movement and show your support #createdtocare.

With every iPad cover you purchase, KUJALI will protect a child in Africa from malaria

Creating Smiles

#Feelgoodvibes this Friday - Enjoy!

June 06, 2014

  Enjoy these chill out tunes we've been playing this week at KUJALI HQ. Our gift to you to make a great end to your week. Some great new talent, check out Amber Run.   Enjoy and have a great weekend all...    

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